Learn Tarot- V-the Heirophant

This card has a spiritual meaning. It’s the masculine form of the high priestess so it shows a male spiritual leader.

Upright meaning- this is showing wisdom with your spirituality and life. Spirituality is constantly learning and this shows that you’re well on your path.
This is typically a spiritual card, but if drawn in a

Love reading:

This shows that you’re feeling secure in your relationship or a relationship is coming that will make you feel secure. This is a sign of a secure and stable relationship.

Career reading:

Once again, it shows that you’re treading down a good path to feeling financially secure. You are secure in your career and you’re on a good track towards financial goals.



This is showing that your personal beliefs are interfering with your ability to fit in to society’s standards. You also are feeling that you’re going against tradition and the popular opinion.

When you’re getting this is in a love reading

It’s showing that you’re not feeling very secure in the situation you’re in. You may be in a relationship you feel is failing or you may feel that you will never find someone.
You could also be feeling that you’re going against your values in the relationship you’re currently in.

If you get it in a career

You either feel that your career isn’t secure or you’re afraid of failing financially. It could also show you feel you’re never going to find a job or that you are having to go against your values in order to keep your job.