Tarot For Beginners

*This page will be under construction for a while while I put together everything I know, I will go through the basics about choosing your deck all the way to the major vs minor arcana meanings and anything else that a beginner reader needs to know*

As someone who has been studying tarot for 14 years now, I have helped guide people through the beginning of learning how to read themselves.

I have been reading on Etsy for 2, almost 3 years and am starting to offer personal readings on my main site.

As I have been doing both paid and unpaid readings, I have found that a lot of what the books tell you (the books with the cards) aren’t that accurate for the reading itself.



A lot of people will tell you that you need to be gifted your first deck. While that may be how you feel, if you have no close friends or family who reads, you won’t ever get a deck. There are ways to choose when you want to buy a deck.

The first rule, buy in person. Don’t buy a deck online. You want to pick up and hold the deck. The right one will call you. You won’t be the one to choose your deck, it will choose you so make sure you listen.

Pick up every deck that pulls your attention and pay attention to how it makes you feel. You will either feel excited (in a good way) or at peace when you finally find the right deck.If you feel anxious or a sense of dread, put it down. The energy won’t work for you.

So, I got my new deck. What do I do with it?

When you finally pick out and buy the right tarot deck, it’s not going to be fully ready to start using. The typical advice is to purify and charge the deck for three days. Carry the cards with you at all times (if possible) and sleep with the deck under your pillow. On the third day, they should be fully in tune with your energy and ready to use.


Don’t be afraid of doing readings for yourself. It may be “advised against” but that’s typically the same crowd that says you have to be gifted your cards. I read for myself all the time, it’s how i have learned to look past the generic meaning and look into the real meaning behind the cards as a full story.

I have also looked back at my divination journal and found some meanings that didn’t jump at me when I did the reading in the past.